• OEM custom-designs
    • RF and power inductors
    • Broadband conicals
    • Military standards & QPL designs
    • Non-magnetic solutions for medical applications
    • Specialists in custom-designs
    • RF filters & microwave filters
    • Bandpass, bandreject, lowpass, highpass, high power low pass
    • Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptical Function, Gaussian
    • Transformers, diplexers, multiplexers and other networks
    • EMI/RFI filters
    • Low frequency power to microwave communication applications
    • Solder-in feedthru’s
    • Bolt-style hermetic & resin sealed
    • Power filters, assemblies, custom-designs
    • Custom magnetics
    • High reliability expertise
    • Baluns, chokes, filter networks, inductors, power magnetics, RF coils, toroids
    • Application-specific designs

Serving the needs of the global electronics design community

Gowanda Components Group (GCG) is a US-based manufacturer of high performance electronic components that support the needs of electronic design engineers around the world. Areas of expertise include magnetic devices, specialty filters and custom-designs. These products enhance the performance and reliability of electronic systems in space flight, aerospace, commercial, communication, defense and medical applications.

The individual business units that support GCG are Gowanda Electronics, Communication Coil, Butler Winding, TTE Filters, Instec Filters, Microwave Circuits and Dyco Electronics. With a combined history of 200+ years in business, these organizations have earned a well-respected and important presence within the global electronics industry.

Corporate Capabilities Brochure (1mb)

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